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Tonejet Digital Can Decorator

The World's First Digital Can Decorator

Designed and built to withstand the demands of industrial printing, Tonejet’s 2-Piece Can & Tube Digital Decorator can meet the needs of short to medium print runs for a range of applications. From event and location specific products, to premium products and special market promotions, Tonejet enables quick response to customer requirements.

Tonejet’s Digital Decorator allows for different images to be printed one after the other without the need to stop the production line, change printing plates or change printing inks.

Tonejet’s high resolution digital imaging process means that high quality photo images can be printed as well as traditional graphics.

This cutting edge technology is now available to market leaders that want to capitalise on customised print runs without compromising on quality and productivity.

Tonejet is a powerful digital printing technology that has been designed to meet the needs of the global print manufacturing and packaging industry, where image quality, cost, reliability and productivity are critical factors.

At the centre of the Tonejet print engine is its groundbreaking electrostatic drop-on-demand deposition technology that enables high-quality print on virtually any type of substrate at high speed. The ability to deposit concentrated pigmented inks and to vary the droplet volume continuously, without impacting on throughput, puts Tonejet at the forefront of today’s digital printing solutions.

Tonejet’s product applications include:

  • Metal packaging cans, closures and containers
  • Cylindrical containers tubes, cartons and aerosols
  • Flexible packaging foil, labels, shrink sleeves, flow wrap, pouches
  • Paperboard packaging folding carton, carton board, corrugated

Tonejet owns, licenses and supplies Tonejet products and solutions, working in close collaboration with global leaders in the print and packaging sectors.