systems for beverage brands and brewers

The era of mass-customization is here, and it requires fully digital packaging processes. You can now print unique cans in short runs for niche products, brand activations, language variants, market tests and experimental products using Tonejet’s Cyclone system.

Pilot line solutions

Tonejet Cyclone systems are modular and can be provided in any configuration, including complete end to end solutions for printing necked cans in pilot or micro-brewery facilities.

Our equipment will be tailored to your facility and existing systems, so you only buy the equipment you need.

We offer installation support and services for maintenance and repair of our printing systems.

Short runs, the same day

The Tonejet Cyclone system is managed by on-board digital workflow software. Print jobs of any length can be scheduled, edited and rescheduled at the click of a mouse, instantly, without setup delays.

All you need is a stock of blank cans and a digital artwork file: rush jobs from Marketing can be fulfilled immediately!

User-friendly inks and coatings

Tonejet’s unique digital printheads lay down pure pigment, with none of the harmful binding agents or cure initiators that are present in competing technologies. We use industry-standard over-varnish to provide the required physical robustness to the printed can. The result is a chemistry system which is easy to handle and low in cost.

Digital design flexibility with offset look & feel

Tonejet uses 90% less ink than traditional inkjet technology, resulting in ultra thin, texture-free image laydown. No raised edges or unwanted texture, just smooth glossy (or matt varnished) 600dpi print.

Unlike with traditional analogue printing, packaging designers are not restricted to block or spot colours. Continuous blends, photographic images and text down to 3 points are all easy to reproduce with Tonejet technology.