Systems for can makers

Give new market entrants the print run flexibility they need. Empower your largest customers to experiment with promotional or seasonal ranges. Tonejet adds value to your can decoration operations: digital, direct to can, food safe, lower cost than inkjet and offering the same feel and handling as your analogue processes.

In-line or pilot solutions

We supply complete solutions for printing necked cans at the latest possible stage prior to shipping.

Your solution will be tailored to your facility, so you only buy the equipment you need.

Tonejet’s ultra thin flexible ink layer is fully formable, meaning that our technology can also be installed inline, for decorating straight-walled cans prior to the necking station.

Short runs, the same day

The Tonejet Cyclone system is managed by on-board digital workflow software, encompassing the industry standard Colorgate RIP. Print jobs of any length can be scheduled, edited and rescheduled at the click of a mouse, instantly, without setup delays.

User-friendly inks and coatings

Tonejet’s unique digital printheads lay down pure pigment, with none of the harmful binding agents or cure initiators that are present in competing technologies. We use industry-standard over-varnish to provide the required physical robustness to the printed can. The result is a chemistry system which is easy to handle and low in cost.

Digital design flexibility with offset look & feel

Our technology uses 90% less ink than UV inkjet, resulting in a super-thin, texture-free image laydown. No raised edges or texture, just smooth photo-quality print with your choice of matt or gloss finish.

Cans printed by the Tonejet Cyclone system are finished with industry-standard over-varnish, meaning they handle and run through your supply chain no differently from traditional cans.