As the use of flexible film, laminate and foil packaging grows, brand owners are looking for digital packaging decoration solutions which deliver the same levels of food safety and physical toughness as established analogue print technologies. Tonejet is uniquely placed to deliver all these characteristics using an ultra-thin ink layer which will adhere to and flex with the finest of substrate gauges.

Ultra-thin pigment layer

Tonejet printheads lay down a densely pigmented sub-micron ink layer.

The resulting print is highly flexible layer and will not add significant bulk to your substrate. Printed stock can be reel-fed and wound without handling issues.

Best of all, Tonejet uses 90% less ink than comparable UV inkjet systems, dramatically reducing cost per print.

Wide substrate range

Tonejet inks can be used with or without a base coat, depending upon the choice of substrate material.

Our in-house chemistry team develop primer-ink systems for a diverse range of substrates, delivering excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance. The Tonejet chemistry system is ideal for the lightweight films that are becoming increasingly popular with waste-conscious consumers and retailers.

User-friendly inks and coatings

Tonejet’s unique digital printheads lay down pure pigment, with none of the harmful binding agents or cure initiators that are present in competing technologies. We use industry-standard over-varnish to provide the required physical robustness to the printed can. The result is a chemistry system which is easy to handle and low in cost.

Digital design flexibility with offset look & feel

Enjoy all the benefits of digital printing including:

  • infinitely variable label content
  • no preparation lead time or setup costs
  • reduced waste and no label inventory

Unlike traditional inkjet, Tonejet gives you these benefits without sacrificing the smooth glossy finish that you are used to seeing from analogue printing processes.