New product releases - Cyclone C4+ and White Primer Coating

Tonejet storms on with the launch of Cyclone C4+ and new bright-white primer

• Cyclone C4+ can decoration system for 500ml beverage cans
• Beverage cans printed in bright white for stand-out images

1st September 2021 - Tonejet, manufacturer of advanced electro-static drop-on-demand digital print engines, today announces the launch of the Cyclone C4+ digital decoration system for beverage cans.

The Cyclone C4+ is built on the same platform as the Tonejet Cyclone and utilises a longer variant of Tonejet’s electrostatic printhead to enable the decoration of beverage can formats up to 500ml. In addition to new formats the C4+ has a long list of upgrades including a new user interface, simplified ink refills and active adaptable can handling to permit rapid changeovers between variations in can sizes.

Alongside the launch of the C4+, Tonejet has released and new bright-white primer fluid to enab le customers to produce outstanding, high contrast images with brigher whites and stand out colours. The new bright white primer achieves the same result whether used with brite (clear-varnished aluminium) or white cans, so customers no longer need to purchase blank white cans and can standardise on brites.

Rob Day, CEO at Tonejet said: “During the recent can shortage, blank white cans have been harder to find and hence more expensive than brites, with some canmakers considering stopping production of white blanks in the future. The development of the bright white primer addresses this issue, giving beverage producers an alternative option. As can decorators know well, the can manufacturing process often leaves traces of machine oil on the neck of the can. Whilst this is washed off prior to filling, it is still on the can surface when it is printed. The Tonejet Can Primer cleans incoming cans and applies a thin film of ink-receptive primer fluid, ensuring outstanding adhesion and abrasion resistance once printing and over-varnishing (which all takes place within the Cyclone C4+) is complete.”

The Cyclone C4+ will soon be undergoing beta trials at lead customer Solucan in Canada, with a second system due to ship in 2022 and more on order. Solucan will also be the first customer to use the bright white primer. Sebastien Baril, President at Solucan commented “Our original plan was to swap our 12oz (355ml) Cyclone with a Hybrid Press that would provide the ability to run either standard can format. During our first year though, we were surprised by the high demand for the 12oz cans. This persuaded us that the solution was to install a second production line to double capacity.”

Tonejet supply the Cyclone C4+ as part of a pallet-to-pallet decoration line which is available in 60 and 120 can per minute configurations. Equipped with a depalletiser and repalletiser, the C4+ system also includes Tonejet’s proprietary Can Primer. The total system approach enables Tonejet customers to work with blank cans from any source, removing associated costs for pre-cleaned or washed cans.

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