Solucan sets the pace for Digital beverage can production in North America

Solucan sets the pace for Digital Beverage Can Production in North America

19th February 2020 – Solucan, provider of digital print solutions for the canned beverage industry, has opened the doors to its state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility in Trois-Rivières, Canada to demonstrate the capabilities of its Tonejet Cyclone direct-to-pack digital beverage can printer.

On February 14th, after highly successful tests, Solucan hosted an official press conference for guests including local media and even provincial and federal representatives including M. Jean Boulet, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity; M. Anthony Housefather, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Labour and M. Jean Lamarche, Mayor of Trois-Rivières, to announce a revolution in beverage can production. Solucan wowed guests with the successful implementation of its Tonejet Cyclone, demonstrating their new business model, to offer an alternative to shrink sleeved cans and pressure sensitive labels, a complete digital printing solution with flexible quantities at a lower cost per can.
“The installation went as smoothly as we could’ve hoped” comments Sebastien Baril, President at Solucan. “We’ve had tons of interest from around the world already and this event gave us the platform to demonstrate to our local audience the full capabilities of Tonejet’s direct-to-pack digital beverage can printer. We consider the Cyclone a total game-changer and the backbone of Solucan’s offering – the quality is second to none and the ability to print using a food safe process is key. Next, we will work with Tonejet to expand our geographical footprint. To sum it up, we couldn’t be happier with where Solucan is at this point in time” he concludes.

Since installation in December last year, the Cyclone has produced hundreds of thousands of cans in batches ranging from 48 cans up to 165,000 showing the true versatility of this end-to-end system. “We’re thrilled to see Solucan up and running. Our teams have worked very closely together to complete the project and we will continue to support Solucan as they move through this next phase” says Rob Day, CEO at Tonejet.

The cans produced on the Tonejet system are environmentally friendly, being 100% recyclable, and address governmental pressures in Canada for an improvement in packaging sustainability. With the Cyclone, Solucan is providing local beverage providers with a solution which anticipates changes to the regulations around packaging. Food quality inks further minimize the environmental impact of these digitally produced cans and produce impressive results.

Following the installation of the Tonejet Cyclone, Solucan is the first North American company to offer the canned beverage industry a complete digital printing solution with flexible quantities offering customers access to infinite print customization options. Find out more: https://www.solucan.ca/en/

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