Tonejet produce cans for Black Mirror season 4

Tonejet recently produced some beverage cans for the long-awaited season 4 of dark drama, Black Mirror. The series is expected to air soon on Netflix with the first teaser trailer already out.

Production companies use replica beverage cans a lot, often these will be generic cola or pop cans but in certain cases there will be specific packaging requirements to create a ‘real world’ on screen. Usually, such cans are produced using pressure sensitive or shrink sleeve labels, which can give a less than satisfactory result - often looking very much like a sticker placed on a can. For the production team, this can mean extra work for filming.

With digitally printed ‘real’ cans as provided by Tonejet, such problems are removed and not only that, in the true nature of film and TV, the cans can be reproduced in small quantities easily for re-takes. In fact, Tonejet produced 20 more cans during the filming.

A production team would usually require up to 50 cans and there is no way that such a small run would be possible with traditional printing processes. Digital print for film and TV requirements is a great fit. Be sure to look out for the cans as photographed here!

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