Cyclone Printing System

  • 600 dpi greyscale CMYK print
  • 60 cans per minute
  • fully variable imaging
  • tough and flexible ultra-thin print layer
  • digital workflow; in line print quality inspection



Can primer

The Tonejet CanPrimer removes necking oil, dust and other contaminants from the can surface prior to decoration, ensuring crisp printed images with precisely controlled dot gain.

Pallet to pallet systems

We have partnered with industry-leading suppliers of can handling equipment to build turnkey solutions:

  • Depalletisers
  • Repalletisers
  • Conveying systems
  • Over-varnish curing ovens

Low running costs

Tonejet uses a tenth the ink volume of other digital systems.

Maximise your profit margin with the lowest cost per can of any digital printing process.

Digital control

Schedule jobs of any size with Cyclone’s digital job manager.

The Tonejet system automatically detects and rejects defective cans to maximise uptime and output quality.