Electrostatic Print Technology

  • Very low ink usage: an ultra-thin printed layer is deposited using concentrated, pigment-rich ink
  • Reliable operation for industrial applications: nozzle-free printhead structure with automated ultrasonic maintenance
  • Our inks are free from monomers, oligomers and photoinitiators, and do not rely on curing efficacy to remove odours or extractables
  • Outstanding throughput: 600dpi grey level printing at 1 m/s

Tonejet’s unique electrostatic print technology combines an innovative printhead with proprietary ink formulations to deliver market leading print quality, durability and cost. Our “nothing but the colour” inks produce a printed layer consisting almost entirely of colour-rich pigment. Because we also apply an industry standard over-print varnish, this gives a tough, ultra-thin ink layer one order of magnitude cheaper than achievable with competing digital technologies. Tonejet inks can be printed on a wide variety of substrates, with overprint varnishes and primers selected to precisely match the substrate and end use.

Tonejet printheads contain an array of ejector electrodes positioned inside an open, cleanable structure. This unique nozzle-free structure combined with automated ultrasonic printhead cleaning technology provides reliable industrial operation.

The ejection process is electronically controlled, allowing precise adjustment of ejected drop volume without any impact on print speed. All aspects of our printing system – printhead, inks, drive electronics, ink supply, print quality inspection systems, workflow and DFE software – have been designed and developed in house to work perfectly together.

Tough flexible pigment layer

Nothing but the colour inks: the printed layer contains no binders. As a result it is pigment-rich and ultra-thin.

Industry-standard overprint varnish provides mechanical toughness and durability

Low running costs

Concentrated tonejet inks create colour-rich images with a tiny volume of ink – around 10x less than traditional UV inkjet.

As a result we can offer our users major running cost savings compared to sleeves, labels or inkjet printing.

Ultra-thin (<1 Micron) Ink Layer

Tonejet’s ultra-thin ink layer means lower ink costs and better flexibility and adhesion under stress, compared to competing technologies


UV Ink Jet